4 Ways to Leverage Push Notifications for Your Ecommerce Business

It’s no secret that push notifications provide a great way to engage with ecommerce customers. Push notifications can help you acquire new customers, improve conversion rates, increase customer loyalty and revenues, and boost brand awareness. However, many businesses struggle with implementing a successful push notification strategy because they don’t know how this feature works or what makes an effective one. In this article, you’ll explore exactly how to leverage push notifications for ecommerce businesses.

How push notifications can help your business

What are push notifications? In short, push notifications are a great way to get users to return to your app. They’re also an effective way of bringing users back into the app, which is especially important if they haven’t used it in a while or haven’t logged in for some time.

Push notifications can also help you get more sales via your ecommerce business. You might want your customers to take advantage of special offers or discounts that are only available for short periods (like Black Friday), so sending out push notifications will keep them updated on what’s new at your store and when these deals take place. This is especially helpful if you have an online store with hundreds or thousands of products. Otherwise, how would people know about new arrivals or other types of promotions?


Onboarding is the process of introducing a new user to an app or website. Onboarding is an important part of the user experience and can help users get more value from your product by giving them a glimpse of the app’s value and purpose. This can be done with in-app messages that highlight key features and try to show how they can be used.

Deals and alerts

Push notifications are a great way to keep customers updated on your ecommerce business. For one, you can send coupons, discounts, and other deals to the customer’s phone. This is useful for encouraging repeat purchases or just giving out exclusive deals to your most loyal customers. You can even send them coupons based on their past purchase history or the current location of their mobile device so that it doesn’t clutter up everyone else’s feed.

You can also send alerts about new products or seasonal product lines. You want to make sure people know when they can get something new in stock. That way they’ll come back and buy it as soon as possible while there’s still demand, instead of waiting until months later when suddenly nobody cares anymore because there isn’t any hype left for that particular product.

Fostering user engagement

Push notifications are a great way to keep users engaged. Some examples of push notifications that could foster user engagement include reminding users to check out their cart. If your store sells items with a limited quantity, you can send a push notification to remind them that you only have X number left in stock and that they should come back soon to finish their purchase.

You can also engage users by sending push notifications on special deals or freebies on products that were purchased recently. This is a good way to encourage users who have already purchased from your site, but might not be ready yet for another purchase just yet—and it’s also an opportunity for you to get them thinking about other things they might want from your store.


Mobile push notifications are a great way to connect with your customers and increase conversions. They’re also easy to set up, so there’s no reason not to use them on your site. They can be used to increase user retention and engagement, or even on a micro level, to keep customers engaged in the checkout process.