How Do You Know if Your Nails are Healthy?

You must have heard how important healthy nails are. Even if you have shifted to vegan and halal nail polish, that is not enough to maintain the health of your nails. There are many symptoms and indicators your nails tell about your body. That is how you can also know if your nails are healthy enough for a normal person or not.

What do you think; is it important to have this knowledge? Well, the answer to this question is YES! The benefits of healthy nails are not only limited to making your hands look pretty or giving you a decent vibe. They can do a lot more than that. Healthy nails are an embodiment of how your body’s working and what it has to offer.

So how can you really know if you have healthy nails or not? That’s where this post comes in! We have enlisted a majority of indicators that can help you assess the situation of your nails. By the end of this blog, you will be able to tell if you have problems with your nails or are in need of seeing a professional. Usually, these indicators can be treated by using some basic nail care products and having a healthier diet. So, you don’t have to worry about doctors and medications. However, keeping an eye out for all these indicators will harm no one.

Must have a Uniform Color

Healthy nails generally have a uniform pinkish shade to them. If your nails have that, they’re good to go. However, other colors, especially pale yellowish shade is often due to the lack of certain minerals and vitamins.

Pale nails are themselves not bad or do not always represent an underlying medical condition. However, they represent different deficiencies in the body most of the time.

Do Not React to Nail Care Products

Nail care products are made to maintain the health of your nails. They keep them hydrated and are really good for their outlook. However, in case any nail product reacts with your nails or has adverse effects, do not wait to go get them checked. It can be the product most of the time, but the problem can be in your nails too. Sometimes, the underlying bacteria or fungus can react in a weird manner and you might keep changing the products.

The Lunula Looks Okay        

Lunula is the half-moon present above your nails. You will be stunned how much this small shape can tell about your health. It should be visible enough to be seen. If you do not have it at all, that represents certain vitamin deficiencies. In case it’s too bright or red, that can indicate other deficiencies as well as various autoimmune diseases.

Not Too Straight – Not Too Curved

Straight nails are usually okay and are seen very less too. However, curved nails are not as they tell your body requires iron or might have a pulmonary disease. We are not talking about normal curved nails which are perfectly healthy and fine. Here, we are discussing an excessively curved situation. It does not matter if your nail is curved upward or downward, if it is rigorously digging into your skin, you definitely need to get that checked.

Free From Fungus

This is too obvious but definitely worth mentioning. Healthy nails should not contain fungal infections. Fungus can be of different types too. Usually it is obvious and can be seen with the naked eye. However, sometimes you might not even notice as it can lie deep in your nail bed. That is why, doctors often suggest getting regular nail checkups too so you can detect any funguses before they start spreading.

Tips to Keep Healthy Nails

  • Have a Healthy Diet

The base of your nails is proteins. The spots and irregularities they show are from vitamin and mineral deficiencies. So the first and foremost thing you need to do to maintain healthier nails is maintaining a healthy diet that fulfills all your body’s requirements.

  • Choose Your Nail Remover Wisely

People usually do not invest a lot in nail removers. You might also think all a nail remover does is clear the polish. However, they deeply affect your afterwards look. For example, if you notice your nails going yellow, you might want to look into the ingredients used in your nail removers. The best-case scenario here would be to opt for a soy based nail polish remover that has essential ingredients and is acetone-free.

  • Choose Your Manicurist Wisely

Manicurists can make or break your nails. If they are not experienced enough in their work, a minor mistake can harm your nails greatly. Thus, it is always important to make sure to go to the best salons offering reliable and proficient services.

  • Using Breathable Nail Polish

Regular nail polishes contain harmful chemicals that can make your nails yellowish with time. They also keep eroding the good substances off of your nails and result in an unhealthy and damaged look. Whereas using breathable nail polish can slay your daily looks as well as keep your nails healthy and fresh.

  • Avoid Gels and Acrylics

Gels and acrylic nails might give you a very good look. However, constantly using them can result in harsh results. From making your nails brittle to weak, these chemicals’ effects go a long way. Do get them for special occasions. However, simply switch to reliable chemical-free nail polishes for routine usage.

Final Word

Knowing your nails are healthy is a great relief. It is because they not only represent your beauty but also the overall health of your body. Must shift to vegan nail polish if you are worried about acrylics damaging them over time.

However, even if you notice certain changes in your nails, do not worry so much about them as they’re all usually mild and treatable. However, visiting a doctor from time to time to get them regularly checked is always a good option.